How to Personalize a Tumbler Cup with Cricut: Step-by-Step Basic Guide

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As crafters, we find joy in transforming simple objects into unique pieces of art. One of my favorites is personalizing a tumbler with a Cricut machine. Itโ€™s an engaging project that allows your creativity to shine. Letโ€™s dive into the step-by-step guide to craft your unique tumbler.

Design Creation

Your journey begins in your design software. Unleash your creativity and create a design that suits your style. Once your design is ready, donโ€™t forget to mirror the image if youโ€™re using heat-transfer vinyl. This is crucial as it ensures that your design appears correctly on the tumbler.

Cutting Your Design

Next, place your adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl on the cutting mat and load it into your Cricut machine. Be sure to set your machine to the correct material setting. Now, watch as your Cricut precision cuts your design!

Weeding Your Design

After cutting, itโ€™s time for weeding. Using a weeding tool, remove the excess vinyl around your design, leaving only the design on the backing.

Transfer Your Design

Now, apply the transfer tape to your design. Use a scraper tool to ensure the design adheres to the transfer tape. Carefully peel back the transfer tape, ensuring your design comes off with it.

Applying Your Design

With your blank tumbler clean and dry, use an alignment guide if needed to place your design perfectly. Carefully apply your design to the tumbler, smoothing it down with your scraper tool. If youโ€™re using heat transfer vinyl, remember to preheat your heat press or iron.

Heat Application

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If youโ€™re using an iron-on method, place your tumbler in the heat press or use an iron to apply heat evenly. Follow the instructions specific to your heat transfer vinyl for temperature and time settings.

Peel and Seal

Once the heat application is done, let the tumbler cool down before you carefully peel off the transfer tape. For an added layer of protection, consider applying a sealant to your tumbler.


As Pablo Picasso once said, โ€œEvery act of creation is first an act of destruction.โ€ While we arenโ€™t exactly destroying, we are definitely transforming, creating something new and beautiful out of the ordinary. So grab your Cricut and tumbler, and let the crafting adventure begin! Enjoy the process, learn from any mistakes, and above all, create something that brings you joy.

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