Football SVG Designs and Cut File

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Are you an ardent football fan? Whether you’re into match strategies, player statistics, or just the sheer thrill of the game, CraftPi brings you the finest collection of Football SVG Designs and Cut Files that resonates with your passion!

The Craft of Football SVGs

  • Goalpost SVG: Every match hinges on it. An exquisite design for your DIY projects or football-themed events.
  • Football Field & Yard Lines SVG, PNG, JPG, PSD, PDF Files: Perfectly crafted designs capture every football match’s essence – the pitch.
  • Football Boot/Kick SVG: For those who understand the power of a well-timed kick or the elegance of a dribble.
  • Running Footballer SVG, PNG, JPG, PSD, PDF Files: Capture the adrenaline, the rush of a player darting across the field.
  • Team Crest/Emblem SVG: Support your favorite teams with intricate emblem designs.
  • Saving Goalkeeper SVG, PNG, JPG, PSD, PDF Files: The unsung heroes of any football match, celebrated in design.

The Joy in Details

  • Football Ball with Heart SVG, PNG, JPG, PSD, DXF Files: Because we understand football isn’t just a game; it’s an emotion.
  • Footballer Silhouette SVG: Perfect for posters, mugs, and shirts, this brings out the essence of the player’s spirit.
  • Referee Whistle SVG: Every game needs rules, and this design pays homage to it.
  • Football Tactics Board SVG: Dive deep into the strategies that define every game.

Celebrating the Moments

  • Goal Celebration Graphics: Relive the joy of every goal with these graphics.
  • Trophy Cup SVG: Celebrate with this design for those moments of victory.
  • Red & Yellow Card SVGs: The disciplinary aspects of the game, captured in SVG.

More than Just a Game

Football is about the stadium’s roar, the strategy on the field, the heart-stopping saves, and the game’s raw emotion. From Match Ticket SVG designs for your invites to Fans/Crowd Cheering SVG for capturing the audience’s essence, our collection celebrates football’s every facet.

CraftPi’s Football Kit/Jersey SVG

Delving into the world of personalized football apparel? CraftPi offers an exceptional solution to help you stand out on and off the field: our Football Kit/Jersey SVG. Here’s how it can enhance your jersey customization experience:

  1. High-Quality Graphics: Our SVGs are crafted precisely, ensuring crisp and clear prints on jerseys. Whether you’re representing a local team or designing a jersey for a special event, the clarity of our designs ensures your jersey looks professional.
  2. Versatility in Design: The Football Kit/Jersey SVG is not just static. It’s a canvas that allows you to integrate names, numbers, logos, and more. Whether it’s a vintage look or a modern design you’re aiming for, our SVG provides the flexibility to realize your vision.
  3. Ease of Use: Working with our SVGs is straightforward. They’re compatible with most graphic design software, making it easy for designers to scale, color, or modify the design without compromising quality.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: By utilizing our SVGs, you can frequently update and modify your jersey designs without the additional cost of sourcing new graphics.
  5. Unique Identity: Personalizing jerseys is about showcasing identity. With our SVGs, you can craft a jersey that resonates with your team’s spirit, ethos, and uniqueness.

Top Football SVGs at Your Fingertips 

Discover the finest football SVG collection on our platform. With diverse designs fit for any purpose, it’s worth exploring them all before deciding.

We don’t stop at SVGs. We offer multiple file formats, eliminating any need for conversion. Pick your preferred format and start crafting!

Seeking unique football player SVGs free from copyright issues? Look no further. Dive into our exclusive designs, focus on your craft, and relish creativity.

Why Choose CraftPi’s SVGs?

  1. Precision: Every Goalpost SVG or Football Field & Yard Lines SVG is meticulously designed.
  2. Versatility: Whether it’s a Football Boot/Kick SVG for apparel or Team Crest/Emblem SVG for event décor, we cater to diverse needs.
  3. Detail: Our Running Footballer SVG captures the sport’s dynamism. Meanwhile, Saving Goalkeeper SVG celebrates those crucial match-turning moments.

Celebrate Football Moments

Relish the euphoria of goals with Goal Celebration Graphics. Pay tribute to match victories with our intricate Trophy Cup SVG. And for those nail-biting moments? Our Red & Yellow Card SVG encapsulate them perfectly.


Can I use the Football Kit/Jersey SVG for customizing my team’s jerseys? Absolutely! Our SVGs are perfect for personal or team use.

Is there an SVG that represents the drama of VAR (Video Assistant Referee)? 

Our VAR (Video Assistant Referee) SVG is tailored for that.

In conclusion, football enthusiasts need designs that match their passion. And at CraftPi, we deliver just that. Dive into our unique collection and find the perfect SVG for your needs. Because here, we understand football isn’t just a game; it’s a way of life.